Hiki & Co's Forest Cafe

Welcome to Hiki & Co's Forest Cafe!

Barista Hiki is standing on a cup mixing a drink for Noot the Newt, who is mesmerized by the drink.

Hiki and Co's Forest Cafe is concept cafe based around the Derptiles mascot Hiki, a hedgehog/hognose barista who loves caffeine a little bit too much. Physical location (hopefully) coming soon!

For business inquiries, please email us at cafe@derptiles.art!

 Hiki, a Derptiles mascot who resembles a hedgehog and hognose, dancing in a cup with the words "Derptiles Cafe" written on it.

Upcoming pop-ups/events:

  • TBA


Explore the Menu

 Strawberry Milk

An iced drink made from oat milk, strawberries, and brown sugar. The text reads "Also known as the 'Axolatte', oat milk and a fresh homemade jam made from Organic Strawberries and Brown Sugar unite to bring you a drink that's sweet and charming like an axolotl."

A derpy drawing of a pink axolotl holding a strawberry while strawberry halves float around it.

Mudpuppy Mocha

A drink made from espresso, oat milk, and chocolate. The text reads "Ghirardelli's Cocoa builds upon the wonderful rich profile of Academic Coffee's Espresso in a drink that can keep even the most sleepy salamander scholars awake through their studies."
A mudpuppy holding a bar of chocolate while chocolate squares float around it.

Brown Sugar Ginger Milk

A drink made from Brown Sugar, Ginger, and Oat Milk. The text reads "Ginger's intensity is mellowed by the richness of dark brown sugar and oat milk, creating a creamy yet refreshing taste. Known to salamander adventurers as the best tasting HP potion."

A salamander floating in midair surrounded by floating pieces of ginger of varying sizes.

Teappo's Osmanthus Oolong

A drink made from Teappo's Osmanthus Oolong. The text reads "Accented with Osmanthus blossoms, Teappo's lightly-oxidized iced oolong tea provides an elegant escape from the heat. Despite its fruity/floral aroma, it is believed by fire-bellied newts to be able to turn you into a dragon." The fine print reads "These claims have yet to be verified by the USDA (United Salamanders Department of Alchemy)."

A fire-bellied newt fiercely yelling with a silhouette of a dragon in the background and tea leaves floating around them both.

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