Meet the Derptiles!

Meet the cast of Derptiles! They are recurring characters that are featured regularly in the Derptiles universe and have their own personalities and quirks. 

Skonk the Skink


Skonk is a magical blue tongue skink! No one knows for sure how long Skonk can stretch. He is loud but friendly, and it is rumored that he can fly! 


Noot the Newt

Noot is a shy and clumsy California Newt. Most of the time, they like to sit in their burrow and read a book, hidden away from the evils of the outside world. Once you befriend them (or feed them a worm), you will have a loyal companion for life.



Rumored to be the last of a race of massive amphibians, Frogwhale lives in the depths of a hidden lake. Frogwhale is fabled to bring great fortune to those who find them, but their extreme shyness causes them to hide away, leading locals to believe Frogwhale only exists in ancient myths.

Hiki the Hedgehognose

Hiki is a barista who is both part-hedgehog, part-hognose! A lover of caffeine, Hiki can be found both making and drinking many different types of concoctions throughout the day (and night) in his secret forest cafe.